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    Hi! I’m starting Miquon this fall along with Singapore Math. I know a lot of people have used these together. I’m wondering how people schedule them. Do you plan on doing Singapore twice a week, and Miquon three times a week, do you do them both each day, etc? We are starting now to “play” with Cuisenaire Rods to get comfortable with them.

    Also, I know I some it somewhere once but… how do you SAY Miquon?? :unsure: Thanks!


    Chad Stembridge

    Sarah, welcome to our community; thanks for your participation! The official pronunciation of Miquon is “mee-kwon.” I’ll let others chime in regarding your question on integrating with Singapore. =)


    Janice Price

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ll address your scheduling question in a subsequent post but just wanted to add a little historical anecdote to the pronunciation question.

    From the Miquon School website:

    “The name Miquon (“Mee-kwon”) refers to the area approximately bounded by Manor Road, Barren Hill Road, and the Schuylkill River. Residents still refer to it as “Miquon”, although the Miquon Post Office and zip code were discontinued in the 1990s, and technically Miquon falls within the borough of Conshohocken. The origin of the name is said to derive from a meeting of Lenni-Lenape tribesmen with William Penn, who demonstrated the meaning of his name by holding up a goose feather (quill pen), at which the men exclaimed, ‘Ah … mi-quon!'”
    ~ Janice


    Janice Price

    Hi Sarah,

    You’re right! Miquon and Singapore Math are often used together. One of the strengths of Miquon is its flexibility which means that you can use it at whatever pace is comfortable and that you can experiment somewhat with what works best for your family. I’m sure there have been lots of scheduling variations including the one you suggested – or perhaps vice versa – Singapore three times a week and Miquon twice.

    Miquon can be used either sequentially (cover to cover through the books) or topically (following a particularly topic as it’s developed through the books). Information for following a particular topic is included in the Annotations. Also, individual lessons (page by page) are relatively short and can be done either individually or grouped together.

    You may need to experiment a bit to see what method of combining is most comfortable for you. Perhaps you will prefer set time(s) each week to move through the Miquon material completely independent of the Singapore. Perhaps you will prefer to cover a small portion every day side by side with the Singapore. Perhaps you will prefer to follow a topic (i.e. addition) simultaneously in both.

    Sarah, I’ll put your question up on our Facebook page today as well as here to see how others might have combined the two.

    ~ Janice

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