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    Hi! I am so glad to have discovered this forum, as I am having a few wibbles about getting math started “for real” with my gifted 4-year-old.

    I had sort of assumed we’d be doing Math-U-See, as my teenage brothers use it and I have liked what I have seen all the way through, but I have recently been having doubts about its fit for my son, as he already has a pretty good basic grasp of several mathematical concepts, and Math-U-See with its mastery-based teaching may not be terribly interesting to him. Then a friend showed me Miquon and I am thoroughly convinced that it will be the perfect fit, but I am considering using something alongside it – mainly to avoid him getting to the end of this elementary stage too quickly, particularly starting so early.

    However, I am not sure whether Math-U-See and Miquon will be compatible enough to do this. I do like the use of manipulatives in both of these curricula, but am also wondering whether two different sets of number rods will just complicate his learning rather than enhancing it (neither set of rods is truly compatible with the other curriculum as they are slightly different sizes).

    Do you have any advice? Either with ways to “pad out” the Miquon to cover more time with a child who likes to learn quickly, or with suggestions of other curricula that will be a better fit (or indeed reassurance that Math-U-See would work!).

    Thanks in advance!


    Janice Price

    Hi Lucy,
    I’m glad you’ve found us! Your son sounds like a delightful little challenge. I suspect, though, that you might be correct about MUS (does anyone else have other experience?). There are a number of programs that will work well – both with gifted young mathematicians – and with Miquon. I would encourage you to look at Singapore – either Essential Math, EarlyBird Math (and later Primary Math), or Math in Focus. These programs also use manipulatives but in different ways than Miquon (and not the rods, per se).

    The Life of Fred series would provide an interesting companion to Miquon. With its quirky storyline and abundant math applications and concept development, it would fill in around the edges of Miquon in an interesting way.

    The Kumon Math Workbooks would provide practice in the basic operations and would be another good fit with Miquon. This sort of practice is not part of the Life of Fred program. BTW, all of these programs work well with quick math learners with or without Miquon but MM does provide a nice exploratory option.

    I’d be interested in knowing what programs others have used with Miquon, in general.



    Thanks Janice, that’s very helpful 🙂

    “A delightful little challenge” does just about sum up my little boy, particularly in the field of educating him!

    I have had a look and debated using Life of Fred, and still not sure it is the right fit for us, but may revisit the idea… I’ll also have to delve deeper into Singapore – my initial quick googling tells me we’re past the usefulness of EarlyBird Math, but not sure which of the others I like the look of best! Thanks also for the reminder about Kumon – I actually have a friend who runs a Kumon centre, but had completely overlooked it. I’ll have to give her a call 🙂


    Aussie Wildflower

    Hi Lucy,

    I know this is an old post but thought I answer anyway.

    I have had the opportunity to use MUS and Miquon. My dd6 prefers Miquon. I do not think MM and MUS are compatible.

    Currently we are using Miquon and Life of Fred. My older son is using MUS but I’m not sure it suits dd as she really likes Cuisenaire rods and Miquon.

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