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    Aussie Wildflower

    Hi there,

    We are currently using Miquon Orange with dd6 and I am wondering how many lab sheets you do in a day?

    Is it right to get through two books per year?

    Thank you for your replies.




    I think the idea is to get through 2 books per year but it is much more flexible than other programs – you don’t HAVE to do every worksheet but you also might want to make up more worksheets of your own or get your child to make up worksheets for you to do. I remember reading in one of the teacher books (maybe first grade diary?) that 2 kids in the original class scored exactly the same on end of year tests but one had worked twice as many sums as the other so it depends on the child 🙂

    Also some of the sheets are quick and easy while some have a lot of work squeezed into them. Also some days my kid is really excited and wants to do more and sometimes it’s a struggle to motivate him to do much at all. I also read somewhere that you shouldn’t require the kid to do every sum on the page.
    So I didn’t really answer your question sorry! But I guess for me it depends on the day and the topic. Also doing Miquon is not just about going through the worksheets. The teacher in first grade diary did a lot of other things too so some days you might not even do any worksheets (I like using the “family math” books to help me to introduce some topics or if my son is struggling to grasp a concept or resisting the worksheets).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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